TWO exciting offers to choose from!

Right now, we're offering TWO amazing offers to choose from!

Offer 1: Get 5 classes for $25!

Offer 2: Get a 60-minute massage for less then $1 a minute for a total of $59

-Available to the First 30 People-

-HSA & FSA Insurance Accepted!-

Meet Stephanie, Founder of Club MVMNT

Doctor of Medicine with a Board Certification in Emergency Medicine.

"I am a professional dancer turned emergency medicine physician turned group fitness instructor and now studio owner!

All of these career paths have led me to this moment, where I can combine the best of the fitness and wellness worlds for my clients - allowing me to feed all my passions AND lead my clients to health and happiness in a non-invasive way!

I truly believe that MVMNT is Medicine, but Beyond MVMNT, you can find holistic wellness for your body, mind, and spirit."

Wellness Beyond the MVMNT

Club MVMNT Classes

(Pronounced "Club Movement")

✔️ Club Barre is a low-impact, high-results workout that focuses on small movements that lengthen, strengthen and tone muscles.

✔️Club Cycle with the lights dimmed and the music loud, we ride to the beat as a tribe in this class for a fun workout!

✔️Club Bounce low-impact rebounding class will leave you feeling strong and energized. We intersperse segments of cardio bouncing combinations with strength training sections using trampolines.

✔️Club Rhythm This fun dance-based fitness class will have you grooving to the beats and learning dance combos while keeping the heart rate up!

✔️Club Sculpt as a full-body low-impact mat class, it is designed to target each muscle group to maximize effective results.

✔️HIIT the Club high-intensity interval training based workout that focuses on circuits, tabata and intervals to challenge the body with a playlist to push you to excel.


(Pronounced "Recovery Spot")

✔️ Squeeze Our muscle compression therapy systems include a control unit and attachments used to compressed air to massage your limbs, mobilize fluid, and speed recovery.

✔️Stretch assisted stretch therapy with many benefits

✔️ Supplement IV infusions and injections for a quick and effective boost of vitamins, hydration and energy.

✔️ Sweat with infrared sauna which provides healing light therapy

✔️Soothe 60 minute massages catered to style of choice

✔️Serenity enjoy spiritual healing and rejuvenation with chakra balancing, energy healing, and raindrop treatment with essential oils.


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